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‘Jewish Refugees: The Painful Path Back’, by Alexander Haneke

Eva Alberman fled Nazi Germany in 1933 and naturalised as British in 1939. Now her descendants’ application has been denied, because she relinquished German citizenship ‘voluntarily’. Alexander Haneke speaks with the family, and delves into the history of the German Interior Ministry, looking at the role played by former Nazi party members in legislation on the issue in the 1950s.

The Jewish Chronicle

‘Group of refugees' descendants plan legal challenge to 'sexist and ageist' rule denying them German citizenship’ by Rosa Doherty

A loophole in Article 116 denies German citizenship to some Jewish descendants of refugees from the Nazis if their qualifying ancestor was female.

Descendants of refugees from the Nazis face long delays in applying for German citizenship

'We have people in their 80s that want citizenship now. They don’t have years to wait,' lawyer says after German relaxes law.


‘How My Family Was Betrayed by Berlin, Again’ by rachel judah

My grandmother was driven out of Nazi Germany; other family members were murdered in Auschwitz. When, this year, I applied for German citizenship, I never imagined I would encounter Holocaust revisionism


‘British Jews look to Germany for Brexit ‘insurance policy’’ by HANNAH ROBERTs

The German constitution allows for people whose citizenship was revoked for ‘political, racist, or religious reasons’ to have it reinstated.

The Guardian

‘I’m not German enough to become a citizen’ by Barbara Hanley

Barbara Hanley has a German-Jewish grandfather but does not qualify for citizenship as she was born before patriarchal nationality laws were changed.

‘More challenges to German citizenship rules’ by Katherine Scott

American Katherine Scott also has a problem establishing her right to be a German citizen.

‘Descendants of Jewish refugees seek German citizenship after Brexit vote’ by Kate Connolly

German authorities report twentyfold increase in applications for reserved citizenship from people living in UK.

Descendants of Jews who fled Nazis unite to fight for German citizenship

Hundreds of applicants turned down by the government are now looking for answers

Germany citizenship rules for descendants of Nazi victims eased

Move could help some Britons seeking EU passports who were rejected after the referendum


‘Families who fled to Britain from Nazi Germany looking for German passports as Brexit looms’ with Leigh Sales

British politics is swirling over whether the Prime Minister's Brexit deal will be rejected by the parliament and whether the country will be forced to hold a second referendum. But while the politicians battle it out, the looming deadline is having an unexpected impact on one particular group - families that fled Nazi Germany.


'Sorry, Dad - I'm thinking of getting a German passport' by Adrian Goldberg

BBC radio presenter Adrian Goldberg is entitled to a German passport - and in a post-Brexit world it might come in very useful. But his family history makes him think twice about taking this step.

Germany eases citizen rules for WW2 refugee descendants

Germany has enforced two decrees to help families of people who fled the Nazis to take up German citizenship, after a challenge by British descendants of Jewish refugees.

The Times of Israel

‘British Jews reclaiming German roots in path to Europe after Brexit’ by DMITRY ZAKS

Overcoming pangs of guilt, descendants of Holocaust survivors increasingly utilizing German citizenship reparations law to escape Britain’s isolationist turn.


Inside Europe: UK Jews push for German citizenship

A group of descendants of Jewish refugees who fled the Nazi regime during the Holocaust are challenging the German government's rejection of their applications to restore their German citizenship. Keith Walker speaks with Nick Courtman, a PhD researcher in the German department at the University of Cambridge, who has been campaigning against the current situation.

Descendants of Nazi-era Jews fight for German citizenship

Hundreds of applicants have been denied German citizenship because of loopholes in Article 116. A group of descendants has taken matters into their own hands — and a new German Interior Ministry decree could help.